Day 184 – 365

Day 184 – 365 / July 3rd 2015

Hats. I do like hats. And boots.

Many of you may be aware of my preference for wearing hats, usually a Brooklyn style eight piece flat cap. Along with several (possibly seven or eight at last count?) flat caps, I also have a lovely trilby which I occasionally wear. When we booked our vacation to Nashville, I immediately advised Sarah that I would be buying a stetson hat and a pair of cowboy boots.

She was, shall we say, less than thrilled and had visions of a loud and garish pair of boots topped off by a humungous cowboy hat. However, I try to be discreetly stylish (well, as discreet and stylish as my sartorial sense, age and physical looks allow) and always intended to get a pair of boots that would not look out of place when worn with jeans in the environs of my Yorkshire homestead. So, the boots you see in today’s image are my purchase from Nashville. $100 they cost which I didn’t think too bad for boots; after all my Docs were a little shy of £100 a few years ago and, with the current exchange rate, the hundred bucks equates favourably in Sterling.

Now, we come to the hat that you see here. I never was going to get a stetson, despite my teasing of my beloved wife. I did try one or two on but, even I, could see it would get very little wear back home. However, we did discover Goorin Bros, a fabulous hat shop just off Broadway in Nashville. Now, give me the chance to pop into a hat shop and mosey about and I WILL take that chance.

I was served by a young chap called Tim Houston who answered my headwear based queries wonderfully. I was immediately drawn to this hat, a beautiful leather trilby, and despite asking Sarah is I could buy it, I’d already decided that I was going home with it. Even more so when I discovered this hat is the style and type worn by Brad Pitt in the 2000 film “Snatch”.

In fact, I bought this one and a deep red American style cotton flat cap. And, in the true custom of a Yorkshireman (albeit an adopted one), I brokered a deal which saw the original $150 cost of the trilby be reduced to a price that even Sarah couldn’t argue with.

If you ever find yourself in need of, or simply just want, a hat and are Stateside then pop along to one of Goorin Bros shops. Well worth a trip.

PS. Sarah bough a pair of boots too. Today proved to be an expensive day!

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