Day 146 – 365

 Day 146 – 365 / May 26th 2015

We’ve been busy decorating. Firstly, we decided, rather I decided, to make a feature wall in my office

A few days ago we were shopping for paint and paper for the dining room, conservatory and kitchen – yes, all of those rooms are are our “to do” list – when I spotted this fine New York themed wallpaper. Now, I love NY – after Bradford City it is one of my favourites cities in the world – and was very taken with the paper so, despite the additional workload it brings, we bought it.

Today’s picture is of Elphie The Mini Schnauzer Puppy as she relaxes on her fleece rug after we have finished putting the paper on my office wall and returned everything to their usual spot. Elphie looks rather tired following her very first experience of home DIY as she reclines under the watchful gaze of Lady Liberty.

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