Day 127 – 365

Day 127 – 365 / May 7th 2015

In case you were wondering, and to prevent any confusion, I took this picture of a polling station sign displayed outside the station we were at today. And, furthermore, I took it shortly before we opened our station.

Sarah and I were two small cogs in the huge wheel of democracy as the United Kingdom went to the voting booths for the General Election 2015. I was a poll clerk, as I have been for nearing ten years, and Sarah was, yet again, my presiding officer.

It’s a long day for those manning the stations; we need to be there by 0630 and close the station at 2200 hours. We then take the ballot box to where the count takes place.

You do meet some interesting folk during the day and it is rewarding to be part of the democratic process.

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