Day 120 – 365


Day 120 – 365 / April 30th 2015

Last Friday we were in Bradford to see a play. You may recall my image for the day that showed the delightful murals painted on the underpass. I enthused about the beauty that is not often seen and goes unnoticed.

Regrettably we also saw the opposite side of city centre life in todays Britain last Friday. Returning to my van after the play we saw that a car parked close to us had been broken into. We called the police, reported it and, as we had found the car’s log book right next to our car, we were informed the police would treat it as a priority and attend immediately. So we told the police operator that we would wait for them; we felt that the vehicle may be subject to further damage if no one was there to keep an eye out for it.

Well, it was around 80 minutes later when the young couple who owned the car returned. I had some polythene in the back of my van from an earlier job and a roll of masking tape and gave the to the young chap to affect a temporary repair. We gave them as much info as we had and, wishing them all the best, made our way home.

Then this lovely “Thank You” card from the young couple arrived through the post.

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