Day 71 – 365

Day 71 – 365 / March 12th 2015

I’ve not yet taken to giving titles to my “365” project images, but this one has got one. It’s called “Dapper Chappy”.

Why? I hear you exclaim. Why is it so called?

Well….yesterday, as I was working on site, was a day when I did not wear a tie for the first time since early November 2014. Actually, it may even have been late October. So, this morning, I took a “selfie” of the shirt and tie I wore today and tweeted it. I felt I needed to reassure my fab followers that all was well. Indeed, yesterday when I mentioned, via Twitter, that I was not wearing a tie, I was asked if I was poorly.

Then, later this evening, I received a text from Jeremy (my flat cap colleague) about a request for a photo shoot to publicise the caps. The request was from a senior member of Bradford City FC and he specifically referred to me as the “dapper chappy”.

I rather liked that. Also, with my earlier “selfie” tweet, it seemed a nice moment of serendipity.

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