Day 57 – 365

Day 57 – 365 / February 26th 2015

I rather like tape measures. My family will testify to this fact. But, in my defence, I do use a tape measure every day in my job and need them readily to hand.

In fact I have a few of them in different sizes, lengths and varying qualities; some are cheap, almost disposable ones, whilst others are of heavier builds designed for longevity.

There are tape measures in my site box that are rugged and able to withstand being dropped onto a concrete floor whilst working. Some have comfortable grips and are good to work with for longer periods, they fit nicely in the hand and have smooth, fluid movements and clear, precise markings. Others do not. Some are marked in metric and others are imperial; some metric ones clearly mark each metre point as “2m” (for example), yet others show “2000mm” instead. A few are marked in both metric and imperial.

Some of my tape measures are easier to use for certain tasks than others are. A medium, mid weight tape, is easier to measure smaller measurements on vehicles than a heavier tape; it’s more comfortable to hold while at the same time making precise markings. I have two large, battery operated Black & Decker models that I use when measuring longer, vertical areas; they have more rigid rule that don’t flex or bend as much when you press the button for them to creep up a wall.

These three are new ones I bought today. At only £10 for the set of three they were a steal. Especially when you consider I had a voucher for £10 off my spend at Screwfix.

Bargain, methinks.

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