Day 53 – 365

Day 53 – 365 / February  22nd 2015

I was lucky, I only spent a little over two hours in an online queue to get tickets for my beloved Bradford City’s first FA Cup Quarter Final tie in 39 years. Other fans waited 3, 4, 5, 6 and, in a few cases, up to 9 hours in front of their laptops. Only to eventually log onto the club’s ticketing website and be greeted with the SOLD OUT sign.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but the demand outstripped supply and the ticketing allocations for previous rounds were misjudged this time. Our ground holds around 24,000 fans – our modern era attendance record was 24,021 for the last FA tie at home to Sunderland. Today we had sold 18,000 tickets by mid afternoon.

Very impressive. But not if you are one of those who did not get tickets for the Quarter Final versus Reading. Thankfully the club are doing their utmost to ensure all City season ticket holders get to see the game.

After 2 plus hours online to get tickets for me, my family and friends, I’ll be there cheering the boys on.

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