Day 46 – 365

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Day 46 – 365 / February 15th 2015

That hand you see here, apart from being a fine example of a left hand, is clenched into a fist. A fist displaying delight, determination, celebration and joy. It is a also my fist and was formed split seconds, possibly at the very moment, after Jon Stead scored to give Bradford City a 2-0 lead against Premiership side Sunderland. That goal in front of the Kop, right in front of us. And, blimey, didn’t we enjoy it!

Somehow I managed to leap and cavort around whilst snapping away on my iPhone. Hence this, possibly a world first, “fist selfie”.

In the background can be seen a City player turning away in celebration and the Sunderland goalkeeper, Vito Mannone, appealing, arms outstretched, that Stead was offside when he scored. He wasn’t offside.

And another higher level team were beaten by Bradford City. Now, for the first time since 1976, we are into the last eight teams left in this years FA Cup.

The quarter finals await.

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