Day 18 – 365


Day 18 – 365 / January 18th 2015

You may be wondering what today’s picture is of? Are you?

Well, let me enlighten you. This used to be a large and quite attractive tree on the edge of a lawn in the cemetery across the road from us. It was cut down a little while back, maybe a couple of years have passed since it was felled. It was obviously diseased, this can be seen by the remains in the stump and is evidenced by the very large hole that went up through the core of the trunk.

The hole can be seen, with its edges covered in the sap that still oozes from the stump. Last night was incredibly cold and ice and frost has formed across the layer of sap. The light at the time I took this picture was quite golden; a feature I have enhanced using the editing facility on the iPhone.

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