Meeting the writers!

So far, as an avid reader, I have read many books by many authors. But, I have only ever met two of them. Namely, Phillippa Gregory and John Connolly.

Some years back now, Sarah and I travelled to Sheffield for an evening event with Ms Gregory and found it to be an extremely enjoyable evening.

More recently, we have met the wonderful John Connolly. I’ve seen him three times now; at a book signing in Borders Books, Leeds, and at talks by John in both Cleckheaton (it’s near Bradford, West Yorkshire) and, just last year, in Leeds. If you ever get an opportunity to spend an evening in the company of John then take it up. He is an engaging chap, witty, interesting and delightful to listen to. He has some wonderful tales to recount and it is a joy to listen to his warm Dublin voice. A magnificent pleasure. It also helps that I thoroughly enjoy his Charlie Parker novels. Cracking reads. you might wish to try them. Take it from me, they are superb.

HB-cover-129x200 wolf-in-winter-225

I have just booked to see another favourite author of mine, the Scottish crime writer Stuart MacBride. Stuart is best known for his series about Aberdeen detective, Logan McRae. These are thrilling novels with some great plots, suitably dark and nasty, yet shot through with some great comedic moments. DCI Steel, McRae’s superior officer, is a fabulously filthy and funny character; a joy. I have just booked tickets to an event, again in Leeds, later this month at which Stuart will be talking about his latest, and ninth, Logan McRae book, “The Missing And The Dead”.

Both Stuart and John are active Tweeters and take the time to respond to their fans. In fact, I have had several pleasant conversations this way with both chaps. John recently liked a picture of my shed and, last year, Stuart was alarmed by a picture of my knees. (They were supporting a copy of his previous novel that I was reading at the time).

I am looking forward to the evening with Stuart MacBride immensely; I only hope he is half as entertain as John Connolly! According to his tweeted response to my, tongue in cheek, question “Are you as entertaining as John Connolly?”, Stuart answered “Probably not this year. Last year, I rocked though”.

I suspect he will “rock”. Anyway, at £2.00 a ticket I hope he does!

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