3 ducks. No runs.


If I was speaking in cricket terminology, I would describe my most recent book reading for reviews as “Three for nought”. No runs scored and my three opening batsmen all dismissed for ducks.

Following on from “Orkney Twilight” by Clare Carson and “A Place Called Winter” by Patrick Gayle, I have completed a very unwelcome hat-trick (switching sports analogies over to football for a moment) of books that I am able to get to grips with. The third, and what I hope is the last for a while, book is “The Iron Necklace”. My remit to myself to read a more varied range of novels, from writers new to me has  currently hit a sticky wicket (I’m back to cricket, it seems). I hope to rectify this with a Scandinavian crime story.

Fingers crossed, folks!

Howzat!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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