A Few Of My Favourite Things: My Favourite Books Of 2014

The past twelve months has seen me read around 35 novels to date. There is still tim to add to this tally. Of these, a few have annoyed me, most have kept me reasonably entertained and a few have delighted me. Here are my top five books I have read this year.

1. “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman

09-BackmanI read this wonderful novel very quickly during mid June. It is a sheer delight and moved me. Ove is a grumpy old sod, dislikes people and hates cats. What’s not to love about him? Buy yourself a copy of this superb read now, before Christmas, and enjoy it over the holidays. A gem.

(LR Review #9)

2. “One Step To Far” by Tina Seskis

03-SeskiI found this debut novel to be super. An intriguing, well written contemporary novel that was well paced and had a kick in the tail that really delivered. I am eagerly looking forward to the chance to review Tina’s follow up in early January 2015.

(LR Review #3)

3. “A Commonplace Killing” by Siân Busby

Commonplace-3D-200x273A book that I chose to read rather than a review title. This is a terrific story about the murder of a young woman in post war London. I think it portrays the hardships of life at that time quite well and is a good read. Well recommended.

4. “Mr. Mercedes” by Stephen King

UnknownI rather like Stephen Kings books. I don’t like them all, not that I’ve read them all that is, but I have read a goodly few. This is a belter. A smashing tale of an ex-cop turned private eye who is determined to solve a case that he couldn’t crack whilst on the force. It starts in a stunning way and keeps you hooked throughout. We know the killer right from the off and King delivers a tale that keeps you on edge, eagerly anticipating the outcome.

5. “Honeyville” by Daisy Waugh

BwMPuUxIUAE1DT4.jpg-largeThis isn’t a book that I would have chosen for myself if it had not been a Love Reading title. It’s not really my preferred genre, is by an author I had heard of but not really considered. And I would have missed an absolute treasure. This is gem. Read it, enjoy it, savour it.

(LR Review #16)

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