LR#15: “No Time For Goodbye” by Linwood Barclay

15-No Time For GoodbyeThe great thing about being a reviewer for Love Reading is that you the selection of books on offer makes you choose authors and genres that are new to you or that you have not yet got around to reading.

Such is the case for this book by Linwood Barclay. He is an author whose name I have been aware of for some time now and have put off picking up. Not because I didn’t fancy his titles, more that I was more excited by other books and writers available. This book has whet my appetite for more from Mr Barclay.

Cynthia was a teenaged girl when she awoke one morning to discover her family had vanished. Her mother, father and brother had disappeared leaving no trace at all. In the twenty five years since they went missing, Cynthia had heard nothing. Until now.

I rather enjoyed this plot; it rattled along splendidly and I finished it inside a few days. I have read a few better thrillers, and many, many worse ones, but this was an engaging and entertaining read. You could term it as a “page turner”.

Barclay writes with a smooth, contemporary style that pulls you in to the story. This tale is told in the first person, the narrator is Cynthia’s husband, and the storyline offers plenty of action and tension with some twisty bends in the road. He creates a believable scenario and the resulting plot is enjoyable.

I am looking forward to the follow up book.


My Rating: 3.0* out of 5.0*


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