LR#14: “I Can’t Begin To Tell You…” by Elizabeth Buchan

BuchanThis is a thrilling read and I was fully hooked from the initial pages.

Set in wartime Denmark, it tells the tale of Kay, a British woman living on her husbands’ country estate. War and the Nazi occupiers encroach ever more on her privileged lifestyle and she must soon make decisions that will impact on all those she loves and all she holds dear.

I found this an exciting story; the suspense and drama builds wonderfully and pulls you ever further into the lives of the characters. The dangers of living life under an invading army comes across as vividly menacing and perilous – who can be trusted, what can be said without fear of reprisal, how to survive – and the way in which war affects a population is superbly portrayed.

The author has created characters that engage you wonderfully; you really feel for them as the tale unfolds and left me grateful that people like them did what they had to during the war. Her writing is sharp, punchy and the whole tale is very evocative of a dark, dangerous time. I particularly like the way that tensions within Kay’s family are described and the feelings the reader experiences as the characters make their decisions.

I have not read any books by Elizabeth Buchan previously but I shall be sure to keep an eye out for her name in the future.


My Rating: 4.0* out of 5.0*


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