A Rubbish Poem #13

Where are you?

You’ve not been,

You haven’t yet come around to call.

When you don’t drop by to visit

Is it really Tuesday after all?

Where are you?

It’s gone 9.

I’ve been peering down the street

For a cheering glimpse of Hi-Viz

And listening out for booted feet.

Where are you?

Is The Beast safe?

Has she finally had her fill?

Or has the diet of crap we leave her

Left her unwell, feeling ill?

Where are you?

Please tell me.

Let me know She is OK.

The Beast is fearsome, huge and lumbering

But She brightens up my day.

Where are you?

Wait, don’t tell me

I think I know the score.

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday

You’ll be here tomorrow, instead, for sure.

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