A Rubbish Poem #09

Darkness dies revealing

Drabness in morning’s wake.

Undercoat skies grieve, greyly weeping

Unsettling drops of hard, cold sorrow.


Dreams wither to shades and

Dampen while reality folds her smothering mantle

Upon the fading cheers of a new year,

Usurping expectations. But, look, there, in the


Distance, hope glows weakly.

Down the lane, advances The Beast, ever

Unceasing in Her scavenge,

Uncovering treats and morsels with every turn.


Dispelling the shrouded gloom, hi-viz clad minions

Descend to sate Her appetite; their mistress

Urgently feasting on mounds of festering waste.

Uncaring, She gorges weekly on our leavings.


Dawn watches on, restless and wary. Flashing

Dots blink amber, Her departure imminent.

Under undercoat skies amid cold, hard drops of

Unrelenting sorrow, The Beast plots Her return.

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