New title? Requital Of Innocents

It’s been a busy old Sunday for me,

Up early – well, early for a Sunday – and busy with chores and things to do. Hens cleaned, a site visit to remove a sign that needs revamping, stripping old graphics from said sign, then cleaning and buffing it up ready for new ones to be applied.

Sandwiched in between was a spot of brunch around noon. Pastrami, gherkins, blue cheese in a toasted bagel. Just the job.

All undertaken in the heat of another very sunny day after which, I decided to spend a while in the cool of my office and ponder ideas for an alternative title for my novel. Once I had a few new suggestions on a pad, I decided to see how my favourite among them looked mocked up.

My novel has had the title of “The Kerning” since the very moment I had the germ of an idea for it. I really like the title but have recently been toying with the thought that it may be a little obscure. Besides, my novel has evolved since my initial idea and I am unsure if my original title and the ideas behind it will appear in the manuscript I find myself now writing.

Of course, my story may never even get picked up by an agent or a publisher. And, even if it does, they will very likely design their own cover. But, for now, and as an incentive to myself to carry on, I came up with this.

And so, say hello to “Requital of Innocents”. *

*Title may yet change! 🙂


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