The old lady and the flu jab.

An old lady at the doctor’s surgery this morning was forced to sit beside me due to the lack of available chairs – today being “flu jab” day, the place was somewhat packed.

As I too was there for my flu jab, I had taken my jacket off and was wearing a tee shirt so the process of injecting me with this year’s strain of anti-flu venom would be speedy. (I’ve done this before, folks. A Seasoned veteran of flu-jabs, moi.)

I was minding my own business and was sat quietly, perusing the posters and notices on the wall while studiously avoiding looking at the TV in the corner that is permanently switched on and is fixed high on the wall. Who watches daytime television? Especially at 0855.

Anyway, as the woman began to sit, she paused a moment and made what can only be described as a disgusted face as she spied my tattooed arms. Perhaps she isn’t a fan of Nigella, I thought to myself, given the age of my new seating neighbour, perhaps she is more likely to be a devotee of Fanny Craddock.

Certainly, if there had been any other seat available, she would have avoided like the plague having to sit beside me.

So, to my flu companion, I say this.

Take the time to get to know me first and then, I can confidently say, you will find you have so many more reasons to dislike me other than my decision to have both my arms inked. Then you can be fully justified in rolling your eyes, viewing me disparagingly and wish to be anywhere else but sat beside me in a dingy surgery waiting room.

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