NetGalley#05: “The Girl Who Came Back” by Kerry Wilkinson


This was a review copy kindly provided by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I had just come off a great streak of form with my reading choices; a “hat-trick” of wonderful debut crime novels by new British writers whose work left me eager to turn the pages and delve deeper into the world they have created. Buoyed by my recent successful reads, I plunged into this novel and was, initially, excited by the writing and the plot line. However, part way through, around 30%-50% (I read it on my Kindle), I found the story to be a little of a chore to read.

I can’t say quite why but I found this book to be one of those that, at certain points, you consider casting to one side. I think I became a tad bored with the plot and annoyed with the male characters; they all seemed to be weak and/or unpleasant, without any redeeming traits. I accept that the storyline required this to be the case but it still jarred a little with me. The lead female characters are quite feisty, strong and well shaped and, for me, this helped to steer the tale on.

But, having said this, flush from my earlier trio of successful reads, I was determined to finish this read and I carried on to the end. I am very pleased that I did as I found the plot suddenly kicked on apace and the story began to grab me again as the early part did. I became very intrigued by the dual plot line and in trying to decide exactly how the two girls stories intersected.

Despite my reservations part way through, I think that Kerry Wilkinson has crafted a fine tale that lays enough false trails and red herrings to make the ending sufficiently “twisty” without being too outlandish. The plot was deftly handled and intersected very nicely at the end with a terrific, atmospheric climax that was, indeed, a “page turner”.

For me, this was, eventually, an enjoyable and interesting read. My three star review is based on my feeling that the male characters were a little one dimensional and lacking any good qualities and with my loss of interest part way through. Perhaps I am overly critical but, without those distractions, I would have no hesitation in giving this a four star review.

Would I try another book by Kerry Wilkinson? Very possibly!

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