LR#37: “Little Boy Blue” by MJ Arlidge

“Little Boy Blue” by M.J. Arlidge


***I received a free physical copy of this book from and a digital copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

I reviewed the first DI Grace book, “Eeny Meeny”, just under two years ago and found it “a thoroughly enjoyable read” and “eagerly” awaited further instalments. However, this is the fifth in the series and I have not yet caught up with Grace and her story arc since that initial book.

A killer is targeting members of the BDSM scene, the crime scene leaving little for the police to work with. Grace was a client of the victim and must handle the case without revealing her links to the bondage world. Meanwhile, the killer draws Grace ever closer.

With an intriguing plot, a fast moving storyline and punchy scenes, this tale rattles along to a pulsating climax. The writing is clean, the dialogue crisp and the pacing of the plot keeps the pages turning. Reading the previous four books is not a necessity in order to follow this tale, although it would be useful to fully appreciate the history of each character and the tensions between them.

I have to admit to not really enjoying this story and, when checking back, I was surprised that I enjoyed book one so much. Despite being an intriguing tale, I didn’t find one character that I liked; in fact, I found them all rather unpleasant. For me, this was a story I endured rather than enjoyed.

Would I read the sixth story? Without spoiling this tale for others, possibly, but only to see how, if even, the author rescues Grace.


My Rating: 2.0* out of 5.0*

Author: MJ Arlidge

Publication Date: 10th March 2016

Published By: Penguin Joseph – Michael Joseph

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