LR#34: “Missing Presumed” by Susie Steiner

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“Missing Presumed” by Susie Steiner


Student Edith Hind has vanished, signs of  a violent struggle left behind, and DS Manon Bradshaw is thrust into a high profile case. Media interest rapidly builds and Sir Ian Hind uses his political connections to influence the investigation into his daughters’ disappearance. And when a body turns up, the pressure on Manon really builds.

Susie Steiner’s second novel, her first Bradshaw case, moves along at a rollicking pace, the pages keep turning as you eagerly lap up her plot. I especially liked the author’s use of language and “quirky” phrases to wonderfully describe scenes; “an unmarked car that wears its snow like a jaunty hat” is one of my favourites. This book is an absolute joy to read and loose yourself in.

From the very first chapter you know you’re going to enjoy spending  time with DS Manon Bradshaw; she is a truly likeable character, yes she is flawed, as many detectives are, but her flaws are endearing and give her greater depth and, for me, honesty than some other fictional detectives. She’s a grump, prone to mood swings, is desperate to find a partner, estranged from her own family and is terrific fun!

The supporting characters are also well defined and fully fleshed and, where required, sympathetic or unappealing in equal measure. DC Davy Walker, our heroine’s colleague, is especially good and I liked how his character grew. Steiner has created a fine cast in this absorbing tale.

This is an enjoyable, believable page turner and leaves you wanting more from the delightful DS Manon and co.

The Moustachioed Reader

My Rating: 4* out of 5*

Author: Susie Steiner

Susie Steiner

Follow Susie on Twitter: @SusieSteiner1

Publication Date: 25th February 2016

Published by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780008123284

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