Open University – “Start Writing Fiction” : Exercise 2.11

This is exercise 2.11 from week two of “Start Writing Fiction’, an online Open University course that I began last week.

Where have you noticed ordinary words used in interesting or surprising places?

Here is my piece.

He hugged the old stranger tightly as if she was his lover. They both screamed, their relief and joy uncorked into the biting winter air, sounds freed from their cold throats to mingle and play with roars loosened from other mouths and voices in the crowd.

Moments earlier, before their team had, unexpectedly and certainly unscripted, taken the lead, they had been just fellow fans. Unknown to each other, united only by their common devotion to the same team. Joined by nothing more than their colours, their love for “the boys”.

Now, as the ball stopped its spinning and settled in the corner of the goal, a sheen of water from the afternoons persistent drizzle lacquering its surface and reflecting the floodlights, they shared a moment neither would ever forget. They were there; two of the lucky ones with match tickets. They were there at the moment that, not only the sporting world, but they themselves and their fellow fans, were stunned.

Together, in the packed away end, alive and thumping with the beat of six thousand fans, they embraced. Laughing and crying, they yelled to the skies as, twirling like a groom and his bride on their first dance, they lived a moment neither expected.

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