Paragraph submission.

I chanced upon a retweet from someone of “Planet Paragraph“. Its tagline is “The flash fiction website publishing one 75-word story (or novel extract) every day since 2008.”

So, I decided to submit a wee bit of my ongoing story “The Kerning”. The site says it can take unto 6 weeks upload the entry for any given day, if indeed your entry is selected. In case my isn’t, here is my submission.

The Kerning:

He took a mouthful of the dessert, enjoying the crunch of the pecans, savouring the sweet stickiness of the warm maple syrup and the coldness of the ice cream as it quickly melted. Like the coffee it was good but, then, in his experience nearly every pecan pie he’d ever eaten tasted good. You could rely on pecan pie to never, or rarely at worst, disappoint. And Lister didn’t like to be disappointed. “

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