LR#25: “When We Were Friends” by Tina Seskis

9781405917957_When_We_Were_FriendsAnyone seen Spinal Tap? Yes? Then you’ll be familiar with the “Put it up to eleven” quote. This book, for me, is in that vein. Don’t bother looking at the bottom of my review to see how many moustaches I give it…I’ll tell you now, it gets six out of five.

The story is of six friends from university who meet every year. Once the best of friends, twenty-five years has taken its toll and some of the friendships are strained or broken. The latest reunion opens old wounds and life is suddenly changed for them all.

I loved this book. Absolutely loved it.

The story has depth and many layers that build magnificently on each other; the plot is deftly woven and the suspense and intrigue build wonderfully. The plot goes back and forth across several timeframes and geographic locations and involves each of the six central female characters and their partners. Despite this, Ms Seskis keeps a firm handle on everything, never allowing the story to confuse or distract the reader. I especially liked that each of the six women are very well defined and strongly involved in the action. The male characters were superb too – superbly repellant on the whole!

I loved her first book and with this, her second novel, Ms Seskis is firmly cemented as my favourite new British author.

Hurry up with the third. I’m eagerly waiting.


My Rating: 6.0* out of 5.0*


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  1. Sounds fab, looking forward to reading it!

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