LR#22: “Orkney Twilight” by Clare Carson

22-OrkneyTwilightI hate to admit it but this book was a struggle for me. I ploughed on through 240 of its 360 plus pages but had to admit defeat and cast it to one side.

The plot involves eighteen-year old Sam, the daughter of Jim, an undercover policeman, and her “difficult” relationship with her father. They visit a favourite family holiday haunt, the Orkney’s, whilst Jim decides on his future and Sam, under orders from her mother, tags along to keep an eye on what he gets up to. There are hints and tantalising glimpses of shadowy figures watching Sam and Jim and I hoped for an exciting read. However, despite my desire to discover how the book ends and to learn what Jim’s secrets are, this book failed to engage me enough.

I think that the author has an obvious love for the location, this is apparent in her description of the scenes and I believe that, for other readers, this will prove an enjoyable book. For me, though, I failed to connect with Sam at all; I found her to be rather annoying in many ways and interesting in only a few. I wanted to know much more about Jim but little about him is forthcoming and, by page 240, I had given up interest in learning more about either of them.

I’m rather disappointed. But, whether in myself for not sticking it out, or in the book for failing to grab my attention, I’m unsure.


My Rating: 2.0* out of 5.0*


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