Woe is thee!

UnknownI have to impart some grave news to my Lab (Lib) Rats. News that may well cause them to weep and beat at their breasts in anguish.

Last Friday I bought myself an early Christmas gift from Waterstones in Leeds. A gift that i hope will give, and keep giving, me inspiration and encouragement as I write The Next Great American Novel. Namely, I bought a copy of “Creative Writing Exercises for….Dummies”. I am quite convinced that I am one of these already. Either a creative writer or a dummy. I’m not to clear on which yet. Although, I do have my suspicions.

1118921054Now, whilst I recognise that the aforementioned book is, no doubt, a stunning book, I do not think the fact that I have purchased a copy will cause my Lib rats to despair. What I refer to is a little tip revealed in the early pages of this guide. Namely, do not show other people your writing until it is a complete draft. Only then show it to them.

Why? It seems that any feedback may be tempered by my Lib Rats not wishing to be rude by telling me my writing is awful. Or, vague comments such as “I didn’t like that bit” are not clear enough for the writer to be able to see which areas need work on. Also, any views given may detract from the writers’ overall “vision” and may cause the tale to go off on unnecessary tangents as the writer tries to please everyone.

Basically, it says to write the book you want to write. Then show it to people and use their feedback at that stage to edit and hone the writing.

Which means my Lib Rats must be patient for their next instalment of “The Kerning”.

Sorry folks. I’ll now let my Lib Rats commence wailing in anguish and lamenting that if is cruel. Or, most likely, thanking fate that they have dodged a bullet.

* I hope it goes without saying that “writer” refers, in this instance, to me.


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