The moustache on TV.

Yesterday some of you let me know, via Twitter messages, that I had ruined your enjoyment of the FA Cup 1st Round tie between FC Halifax Town and my beloved Bradford City. I attended this match with my daughter, Bethany, and it appears the BT Sports cameras decided to show us full screen during the pre-match build up. Then, to further irritate you, they zoomed in on me as I displayed my usual habit of welcoming my heroes onto the pitch with my arms outstretched – my long standing method of greeting City players as they run onto the pitch at the beginning of each 45 minutes.

I can only apologise for this.

I hope that the final result, a 2-1 win for the Bantams (hoorah!!) more than made up for this mishap. Additionally, I trust that your Sunday lunches were not spoiled by witnessing me on your TV’s.

Many of you are asking about my choice of headwear; this rather splendid tweed Brooklyn style cap is one of several I have purchased from the wonderful Alex and his team at Laird Of London. Why not check them out, you will not be disappointed.

And, in one further act of roguishness from me, I had the audacity to be chosen by professional sports photographer Matt West as someone to take a picture of.

In my defence though, I must say that the moustache is very photogenic. The rest of my mush, rather less so.

Sorry again.


Images by Matt West


The Moustachioed Bantam (Reader) in reflective mood whilst Bethany appears puzzled by having to stand up for a match.

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