Day 353 – 365

Day 353 – 365 / December 19th 2015  One of my favourite clients is a local musician named Roger Davies. I have designed the artwork (sleeves, booklets etc) for his last 4, maybe 5, CD releases. A few days ago he called by to drop me off the finished copies of his latest album. I am…

Day 352 – 365

Day 352 – 365 / December 18th 2015  Today it is “National Wear A Christmas Sweater Day” or some similarly titled day. So, as I am (technically) finishing work today, I have taken the whole day off and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast out with Sarah, Bethany and Liam. We all wore our festive wooden wear.

Day 351 – 365

Day 351 – 365 / December 17th 2015  I had a dental checkup yesterday. The result of which is I am booked in early in the New Year for some drilling and filling. £251.70 worth, in fact. Also, I have advised to use some super, duper, crazy strength toothpaste. So strong in floured content is it that…

Day 350 – 365

Day 350 – 365 / December 16th 2015  Fresh from my success with Nigella yesterday – once again, I wish! – today I made her Chilli Jelly. It is delicious! Here you see the whole mixture bubbling away fiercely.

Day 349 – 365

Day 349 – 365 / December 15th 2015  Today I have been delving into Nigella. I wish! I have, in fact, been making her Quick Pickled Beetroot and Quick Pickled  Carrot from her new book, “Simply Nigella” and following her TV programmes last night in which they were featured. The chopping board bears witness to the…

Day 348 – 365

Day 348 – 365 / December 14th 2015  Every year, the local Rotary Club, light up a festive display on the rear of a flat back wagon, strap a pair of speakers behind the drivers’ cab, crank up the volume and play Christmas tunes as they tour the streets of Brighouse collecting money. I’m assuming the…

Day 347 – 365

Day 347 – 365 / December 13th 2015  Our natty caps in our smashing, and long awaited claret and amber tweed, are finally ready for despatch to folk. Just in time to go under the tree.

Day 346 – 365

Day 346 – 365 / December 12th 2015  Maggie The Mini Schnauzer sure knows how to kick back and relax with her paws up. Here she is doing exactly that. Mind you, I don’t blame her as it s slinging it down outside.

Day 345 – 365

Day 345 – 365 / December 11th 2015  My card to my lovely wife for Christmas this year. I think it has lovely typography and a nice design and, as it’s such a nice card, I am going to salvage it after the festive season has ended and send it to her for many more years…

Day 344 – 365

Day 344 – 365 / December 10th 2015  Bethany and Liam are currently in New York and actually saw this show yesterday at Radio City. So I was pleased to see a picture of it in today’s paper.

Day 343 – 365

Day 343 – 365 / December 9th 2015  I’m rather keen to make this recipe for “Chilli Jam” from Nigella’s Christmas recipe book. I’d have started it today too except that we do not have and of the ingredients readily to hand. And, if we did have them, we don’t have any resealable jars in which…

Day 342 – 365

Day 342 – 365 / December 8th 2015 No matter how much white Blu-Tak I used, I could not get this string of battery operated fairy lights to stay up around the doorway into our orangery. So, I decided to “Chrismassyfy” my new hat hanger. The lights are now securely fastened behind the acrylic panel. They…